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Itanium HPUX11.23 How to read temperature

kenny chia
Regular Advisor

Itanium HPUX11.23 How to read temperature

Recently I received an EMS warning from my Itanium HPUX 11.23 server. The warning is about the operating temperature.

Q:Are there any command line tools to read the temperature sensors for the server? Compaq / RedHat servers have the hplog command but I can't find the equivalent for the Itanium server

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Re: Itanium HPUX11.23 How to read temperature

You need to log into management procesor card (MP)

CM: command menu
ps: power status
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Andrew Merritt_2
Honored Contributor

Re: Itanium HPUX11.23 How to read temperature

Hi Kenny,

No, it is not currently possible to view the temperature from the OS on IPF servers running HP-UX. It is under consideration as an enhancement to a future version of either or both of the OnlineDiags and SFM. (It can be done on IPF servers running Linux, with the 'hpbmc sensors' command.)

However, in practice, you don't need to know the temperature, since the EMS warnings are triggered when action is needed to prevent the system shutting down. If you are getting the notifications, then you need to do something about cooling. The hardware knows what are acceptable temperatures (it may vary between server types), and triggers the events when limits are reached.

Just one other thing to check is that you have a current version of OnlineDiags.