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Itanium RX4640 firmware update

martin macleod
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Itanium RX4640 firmware update


I've got a RX4640, I'm trying to upgrade the firmware, but the management processor firmware is version 2.23. Therefore the online firmware wont allow me to update it, can I download the 2.23/2.26 online firmware update?

See below:
Command Line Parameters Given:

Beginning Interactive Session...

Name: HP Server and workstation MP Firmware
New Version: E.02.29

The software is installed but is not up to date.

Current Version: E.02.23

The MP firmware cannot be upgraded as the currently installed MP firmware
revision is less than E.02.26. Please upgrade to E.02.26 and then install
this package or use the FTP package to upgrade to the latest version.
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Re: Itanium RX4640 firmware update

Don't know why this is hidden so well.

You can get the previous versions from here:

E.02.29 (FTP) (24 Jun 2004)

E.02.26 (9 Dec 2003)

Please read and follow the release notes!

Hope this helps!

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