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Itanium + Symantec Antivirus Client

Ajayan P.K
Occasional Contributor

Itanium + Symantec Antivirus Client

Current senario
we have one Symantec Antivirus corp. edition 9.0 server running on a HP DL380 server (windows 2003 ent 32 bit)
all client are 32 bit based.

coming senario
two Itanium server will come with Windows 2003 64 bit server.
we want install Symantec Antivirus corp. edition 9.0 client.

is it possible to get virus updates from current SAV server to New Itanium servers.
if it is not possible give alternate solution.
Luk Vandenbussche
Honored Contributor

Re: Itanium + Symantec Antivirus Client


Corporate edition 10.0 support windows 64 bit, so I should consider an upgrade to Corporate edition 10.0
Jerry Debner

Re: Itanium + Symantec Antivirus Client

Actually per a KB article at Symantec states that the readme for SAV 10 incorrectly states that it supports Itanium. Itanium currently is only supported on 8.1 or 9.

Here is the excerpt from the KB article:
Supported platforms
AMD 64-bit Opteron and Athlon
Intel® Extended Memory 64-bit Technology (EM64T)

The Installation Guide and Getting Started Card for Symantec Client Security 3.0 incorrectly state that the Symantec Client Security antivirus client supports the Intel Itanium II platform. The Itanium II is not supported with either Symantec Client Security 3.0 or Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition 10.0.

Here is the link to the read me:∏=Symantec%20AntiVirus%20Corporate%20Edition&ver=10.0&osv=&osv_lvl=