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Itanium dual cores


Itanium dual cores

On an Itanium system with 16 dual-core CPUs for a 32-way, can we shut down 16 CPUs and get true 16-way performance, or is it more like 12-way or some such due to it not scaling as a true one-on-one mapping?



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Re: Itanium dual cores

Hi ,
Which server is it ? is it HP Integrity superdome 32 way?

I hope it should give performance as 16Way server if you power off 16 cpus.


Re: Itanium dual cores

I'm asking this on behalf of someone else. They don't have any hardware yet - won't be using Superdomes; it would have to be an RP series, but don't know which one. Can you even do many on a RP??
Bernhard Mueller
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Re: Itanium dual cores


the rp-series has PA-RISC CPUs not Itanium,
this could be an rp8420 w/16 dual core PA8900

if you really mean Itanium then it would be an Integrity, i.e. rx-series, such as the rx8640 w/16 dual core Itanium2

in general there is a scaling penalty, i.e. you better use less but more powerful CPUs.

so with half the # of CPUs actually you should have *more* the half the horsepower.

vice versa if you double the # of CPUs you will not have 2 times the CPU power but only something like 1.75 times it.


Re: Itanium dual cores

Yes, it is Itanium, thanks for the clarification on RX versus RP. And thanks for the info; there's a lot of marketing hype out there but not a lot of hard info on performance.