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Itanium vs Opertron

Jimmy Tom_2
Frequent Advisor

Itanium vs Opertron

Can anyone direct me to technical infomation that explain why Itanium is a better chip architect than the Operton? Thanks
Roger Faucher
Honored Contributor

Re: Itanium vs Opertron


Here's a link to information about the Itanium-2. It's from an admittedly biased source - Intel's website:

here's a link to AMD's website for the Opteron processor:,,30_118_8796,00.html


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Joshua Scott
Honored Contributor

Re: Itanium vs Opertron

Well, I searched for itanium vs opteron on google, and found a few people that compared them, but nothing really 'technical'.

What I gather from what i've heard is that the Itanium 2 is directed at the higher-end server market, while the opteron is aimed for the desktop through 4-way windows CPU.

Itanium is:
more expensive
more scalable
fastest on TPC-C ratings
more cache (6MB compared with 1MB for opteron.)

Of course a big advantage is that the Itanium runs HP-UX, while the opteron doesn't.

What are the chances...
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Re: Itanium vs Opertron

HI Jimmy,

On the technical specifications side, the i advantage what i see for the Intel Itanium over AMD Operton is only a few.

1. Itanium2 has got something called L3 cache which varies from 3MB to 4MB to 6MB depending on the type of processor you are chosing.

2. HP-UX is supported by Itanium2 whereas AMD Opetron doesn't support

3. Itanium has less power dissipation compared to the AMD Opetron..

With best wishes.
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Sunil Jerath
Honored Contributor

Re: Itanium vs Opertron

Hello Jimmy,
Please check the following:

Nico Schockaert
Trusted Contributor

Re: Itanium vs Opertron

The Intel Itanium2 and AMD Opteron processors are often incorrectly compared on the basis of one feature only : 64-bit environment.
The Opteron is a 64-bit extension to the existing x86 architecture. The Opteron is a way to have easy access to more than 4 GByte memory.
The Itanium2 processor has much more, such as EPIC (Explicit Parallel Instruction Computing, co-developped by Intel and HP), Predication (to eliminate the impact from mispredicted branches), Large Register Files (128 integer registers, instead of 16 for Opteron; 128 Floating-point registers, instead of 16), Scalability with the same processor (from uni-processor to 64-way today, instead of three type Opteron processors up to an 8-way today), etc ...
See also for some white papers.