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LAN console in IA64

Andres Valentin Lopez
Occasional Advisor

LAN console in IA64


I need to configure LAN Console in rx2600 server, but I had not found information about How to do that...

Any tip?
harry d brown jr
Honored Contributor

Re: LAN console in IA64

You need to get a kvm that is lan enabled.

live free or die
harry d brown jr
Live Free or Die
Super Advisor

Re: LAN console in IA64

Hi Andres
If u have A Terminal u can connect thet terimnal to the mp console port and give the ipadress etc .then u can use the lan console from any whrere in the network

If u don't have dumb terminal u can use the serial port of laptop/pc .and connect it using the serial cable and the hyperterminal
Best Of Luck
Andres Valentin Lopez
Occasional Advisor

Re: LAN console in IA64


I resolve this issue, using a console cable put it on db25 connector in itanium server, I can get in to MP console and configure the LAN console port, using the next command

1.- Login as admin

User : Admin (case sesitive)
Pass : Admin

2.- command CM

3.- command LC

Change the default IP address, Mask and is very important to add an IP address for the gateway, ask for accept the changes , answer Y

4.- Reboot MP using command XP, then Y

5.-Open internet browser with the IP address was configured


Thanks ,