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Lan boot option EFI on rx2600


Lan boot option EFI on rx2600

I have 2 rx2600's with each 4 lan poorts (not counting the management lan). All 4 are connected to a different network. Now I need to add a boot option in the EFI for the internal 10/100 base-t lan poort. But in the "add a boot option" menu I only see 2 of the network adapters listen and both are not the build in adpter. How do I add this boot option now?
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Marco Hogeveen_1
Trusted Contributor

Re: Lan boot option EFI on rx2600

Hoi Sander,

Strange problem.
The onboard network interfaces do work normally from within the OS?
Have you tried removing the add-on NICs to see if you do get the possibility to add a boot option from the onboard LAN interface?
Maybe it works: creating a boot option without the add-on NICs and then add them?
What happens if you run the command 'lanboot select' from EFI shell?
Do you only see 2 lan interfaces to boot from?
Are you using the latest Firmware version on the RX2600's?

Hope this helps, Marco