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Lan console on rx2620 server

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Lan console on rx2620 server

Anyone knows if the lan console management port is integrated with the core I/O card? It seems that the management port is optional on the rx2620 whereas is standard on the rp24XX servers.

thx in advance,
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Re: Lan console on rx2620 server

It is better to compare rx2620 to rp3440: actually these two have the same chipset and the same chassis.

You can actually upgrade a rp34x0 to a rx2620 if you wish. If my information is correct, this upgrade is just a matter of removing the PA-RISC CPUs and installing Itanium2s in their place, plus a special firmware upgrade.

When I saw the insides of a rp3440 recently, the management card seemed to be a separate "overlay" on top of the system board, at the back of the server. So looks like it could very well be a separate part.

The management port is the newer style (labelled "MP", apparently going to be rebranded as iLO with the most recent firmware upgrades). With a up-to-date firmware, this management port can support SSH natively, but you'll have to buy a license code to unlock that capability.

The old rp24xx series is very different: PA-RISC only, and the management port is an older-style GSP.
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Re: Lan console on rx2620 server

Thx Matti,

I actually found the answer. The Management Lan, is part of the Management Processor card, which is an option for the rx2620 server. If using the management lan without the iLo features, you don't need to purchase any of the advance Pak sw.