MC initiated

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MC initiated


my HPintegrity rx3660 server cannot boot the OS.

Following is are key log lines:


Log Entry 646: 05 Dec 2017 14:15:56

Alert Level 7: Fatal


Machine Check initiated

Logged by: Redundant w/ an E0 code;

Sensor: Critical Interrupt

Data2: OEM Code2: 0x00

0xC15A26AA1C023F50 003FA17000130300



Log Entry 647: 05 Dec 2017 14:15:56

Alert Level 7: Fatal


Machine Check initiated

Logged by: System Firmware  0

Data: Major change in system state - HPMC or MCA

0xF480009800E03F60 000000000000000B



I need a clear interpretation of this.


Kindly help me.

Bob Blunt
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Re: MC initiated

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but just about anything in the log that starts with the word(s) "FATAL" Is A Bad Thing.  There's something broken in your system.  You might try checking previous entries in the log for some other error preceeding these to give a hint what caused the failure.  I would also expect that the front panel should also have an indicator showing that the system health is messed up.

Now...personally I hope you have hardware support for the system, extended warranty, etc.  Please contact your service provider and give them the same information.  They may ask for the whole logfile or other information.  It might also help to know what O/S you are trying to boot but that's not likely to be as important.  Are you able to connect to the console (either serial or iLO) to provide an example when you try to iniitialize the system and boot?  That might also be good information to provide.