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MP Console does not translate F8 key

Scott Paterson
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MP Console does not translate F8 key

I dont know if anyone else has this problem, but when i'm connected to the MP and attempting to use the HP ACU (array tool) or installing windows (yea i know =( ) the F8 key does not does not translate.

My HP CE told me to just use ESC + 8 on the keyboard. This does work, but someone it takes a few tries to get it right.

Is there any way I can map this key combo to a macro or something. Anyone know of an easier way?

System is a RX5670, i'm connected via telnet, not dongle.


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Re: MP Console does not translate F8 key

I assume you're using a terminal emulator on Microsoft Windows? If so, try a different one and see if it works better. On Microsoft Windows, the VTstar and PuTTY terminal emulators are two common (free) choices. (VTstar came out of DIGITAL, and is the real VT terminal firmware, rebuilt as an emulator.) There's a much newer version of Hyperterm available from the original vendor, as well -- the version found in Windows is rather old.

Also check the MP firmware. There can be fixes there.

I'd tend to expect similar behaviour of the direct serial connection and of the telnet connection, as it's the client (terminal emulator) that's sending the F8 key sequence.