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Max number of vpar on rx8640 Server


Max number of vpar on rx8640 Server

Hello All
Can anyone tell me what is that maximum number of vpars can be built on rx8640 server
which conatin 3 cell boards , 20 core and 48 GB Memory

i need to built 14 vpar and already have a 14 combo PCI[ex] cards (FC and Network ) on that server

Please Help
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Re: Max number of vpar on rx8640 Server

8 vPars per nPar as far as I can remember.
SO you would likely make 2 nPars. One a single board nPar and another a 2-board nPar.

So I guess you're all set.

Your vPar can take an HBA each and I assume you will be doing all SAN Boot right?

May I ask what the 14 vPars (averaging around 3GB of RAM each would be doing and the reason why?

Hakuna Matata.

Re: Max number of vpar on rx8640 Server

thanks for your fast reply
number of cores and memory can be increased as soon as my case required , i can upgrade to full 3 cell boards capacity

I need to build an Oracle farm as active-passive with another rx8640 server which mean 2 servers each of them with 14 vpar and so the other one

regarding the IO , you mean to assign -as example- 6 vpar with one npar with 1 cell board and the others with the second one ???

Best Regards
Ayman Jweinat
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Re: Max number of vpar on rx8640 Server

You have 2x 8 I/O slots available, so you can create 2 nPars, one with 1cell, the other with 2 cells.

So you have a nPar with up to 8 cores and 8 slots, another with up to 16 cores and 8 slots.

So you can create up to 8 vPars in the first and up to 8 vPars in the second nPar.

IMHO you have a little less memory available.

The question is, if you really need 14 vPars - you won't have any redundancy in I/O.

If you really need 14 vPars, its maybe better to use 4 cells and an I/O extender box.

Hope this helps!

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