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Migrating Vpars from rx8640 to rx8620

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Jayaprakash Subramanian
Frequent Advisor

Migrating Vpars from rx8640 to rx8620

Hello All,

I have an rx8640 server with 2nPartitions and 8 vPars and I need to replace that server with rx8620 (have to downgrade). Is there any performance or architecture issue occur if I do so?

How many vPars does rx8620 supports?, Please advise that what are the things to audit before the migration.

Thanks in Advance,
Jayaprakash S
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Migrating Vpars from rx8640 to rx8620

The systems are very similar, but with some different hardware pathes and another (slower) chipset. If you backup your vPars with ignite, re-create and restore them in the other system you should have no problems (if you have the same amount of CPU and memory and HBAs).

Hope this helps!

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