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Mix RAM size

Ed Velasco
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Mix RAM size


We have BL870c Intergrity blade server. Currently, it has 32GB RAM (16 x 2GB modules). I want to upgrade to 64Gb but i am out of RAM slots already. Can i mix bigger RAM size (ex. 4GB modules) with the 2Gb modules?

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Re: Mix RAM size

One can use different capacity of memory modules in the server. However there are specific memory installation rules needs to be followed. Refer the service guide ( page 41 ) available at

DIMMs must be installed in decreasing capacity with the largest DIMMs installed in the smallest numbered DIMM slot.

All four DIMMs in a memory bank must be identical.

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rick jones
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Re: Mix RAM size

I thought the BL870c had more DIMM slots than that - this link:

suggests 24 DIMM slots in a BL870c, which means you should have 8 DIMM slots free. That wouldn't be enough to get you to 64GB (Gb tends to imply gigabits not gigabytes...) or 64 GiB for the unit purists you there, with 2GB DIMMs, but adding another 8, 4GB DIMMs (following the ordering rules means you will have to "shift" 8 of your 16 existing 2GB DIMMs) would get you to 64 GB.
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