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Re: Modem on Remote Port rx4640

Zvonko Patafta
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Modem on Remote Port rx4640

US Robotics 56K modem is relocated on rx4640.
Modem does not respond (NO Carrier) when hooked up on remote port rx4640. Modem works fine when on laptop serial conn.
Checked MP!!! Setting are as per default. I do no think that device is setup uner HP-UX, (I have limited access, just to MP). Can it cause the connectivity problem?!
timmy b.
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Re: Modem on Remote Port rx4640

Try looking here and searching the document for MODEM.
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Re: Modem on Remote Port rx4640

Hi Zvonko Patafta ,

If you connect the modem with local serial port, it can be resolved your issues.

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