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Multiple logical drives on MSA30

Larry Romo
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Multiple logical drives on MSA30

I have an MSA30 through a 6402 controller in HPUX 11.23. Currently I have 7 drives (6 plus a spare) in ADG RAID level in logical drive 0. I want to add 4 new 300GB drives in a new Logical Drive 1 to this so it is 2 separate logical drives on the one MSA30. I tried running ciss_insf and it wants a loadfile. I tried passing it a parameter like /dev/ciss5 to tell it to create a new special device file. It did not like that. I have looked at man saconfig and do not see any way to create a second logical drive on that box. Add to an existing logical drive, or remove from it but not creating a second logical drive. Any hints what commands for that?
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Re: Multiple logical drives on MSA30

First of all you need a current driver version, please check

Hope this helps!

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