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New SysAdmin here: Firmware question

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New SysAdmin here: Firmware question

I recenetly got made the SysAdmin for our HP-UX systems.  One of the tasks the previous admin left me was upgrades: OS and firmware.  I have managed to locate the tool to help with OS and patches but can't seem to locate anything for formware.  is there such a creature? Or do I have to find out each individaul piece of HW then hunt firmware down?  Suggestions for best way to attack this appreciated.



p.s. They are rx6600 and rx2660 systems

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Re: New SysAdmin here: Firmware question

Go to and look up the firmware.







Get the EFI or ISO package, make it available to the system (copy to USB, burn to disc, use vMedia etc) and boot the server into EFI.


Reaf and follow the release notes (included).


Entitlement is required to download the files.

Hope this helps!

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