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New Way of updating firmware on RX2800i

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New Way of updating firmware on RX2800i

I was so use to updating the firmware on HPUX boxes either offline through a boot CD or a HPUX patch that this new way of using HPSUM on my PC and then pointing it to the ILO on the RX2800 suprised me. I would go to the RX2800 support site and see the new firmware and wonder why there wasn't a HPUX version. HPSUM did the job. Looks just like updating a Proliant server now.
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Re: New Way of updating firmware on RX2800i

Same procedure for the new BL8x0c i2 blades, by the way ...

Hope this helps!

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Re: New Way of updating firmware on RX2800i


Installing the latest firmware using HP Smart Update Manager:

The HP Smart Update Manager utility enables you to deploy firmware components from either an easy-to-use interface or a command line. It has an integrated hardware discovery engine that discovers the installed hardware and the current versions of firmware in use on target servers. This prevents extraneous network traffic by only sending the required components to the target. HP
Smart Update Manager also has logic to install updates in the correct order and ensure all dependencies are met before deployment of a firmware update. It also contains logic to prevent version-based dependencies from preventing a successful installation and ensures updates are handled in a manner that reduces any downtime required for the update process. HP Smart Update
Manager does not require an agent for remote installations. After the installation is complete, HP Smart Update Manager also removes all remote files associated with the installation.

Key features of HP Smart Update Manager are:

â ¢ GUI and CLI
â ¢ Dependency checking, which ensures appropriate installation order and dependency checking between components
â ¢ Intelligent deployment of only required updates
â ¢ Improved deployment performance
â ¢ Remote command-line deployment
â ¢ Windows X86 or Linux X86 support

HP Smart Update Manager is supported on the rx2800 i2 Server and included in the firmware bundles downloaded from the HP website at

For more information about HP Smart Update Manager, see the HP Smart Update Manager User Guide (

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