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No access to LAN Console on Itanium


No access to LAN Console on Itanium

I work on a Integrity server BL890i c2.

Recently I installed a security package because I needed the sudo specific for this version of HP-UX ia64.

Package is

security A.15.00-010 HP-UX Internet Express

Now I cannot access to the ILO3 or to the LAN Console.

Is it possible that some ports/daemon have been closed?

the LAN console and ILO3 IPs are reachable through ICMP signals, of course...
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Re: No access to LAN Console on Itanium

The iLO ports and the OS are not related.

You may have problems if the OA firmware is too old.

Hope this helps!

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Re: No access to LAN Console on Itanium

Hi Paolo,

Is it possible to uninstall the security package and check iLO access ?

So we can confirm the cause of the issue?

I work for HPE

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Re: No access to LAN Console on Itanium

Unfortunately it is not possible, since integral part of this package there is the sudo version for HP UX 11.31 ia64 that is needed by the users to perform their activity.

I made a check with HP, ad it seems that in some conditions the OA interface can get stuck and needs to be reset.

I'll keep you updated if this attempt will work or not.