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Not able to find DVD mapping in EFI shell

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Not able to find DVD mapping in EFI shell

Hi ,

I am trying to its install hpux 11iv3 in rx2600 . Currently it is running with 11iv2 .But when I go to efi shell , I am not able to find the DVD mapping in EFi shell . I tried with reconnect -r and map -r .. still is not showing anything . i could see that DVD is working fine . Because I was able to install some patch from DVD drive . Please some one help me to fix the issue


In EFI shell I can see only below entries , at the same time ioscan -e command show the DVD output from OS


ioscan -e output


0/0/2/                     disk      TEAC    DV-28E-B


reconnect -r


Scsi(Pun0,Lun0) HP 36.4GST336753LC      HPC3 (320 MBytes/sec)
Scsi(Pun1,Lun0) HP 36.4GST336753LC      HPC3 (320 MBytes/sec)
Scsi(Pun2,Lun0) HP 73.4GST373453LC      HPC3 (320 MBytes/sec)
ReconnectController(0,0,0) : Status = Success


fs0:\> map -r
Device mapping table
  fs0  : Acpi(HWP0002,100)/Pci(1|1)/Scsi(Pun2,Lun0)/HD(Part1,SigEA5AA2AA-4522-11                                                                                        E1-8002-D6217B60E588)
  blk0 : Acpi(HWP0002,100)/Pci(1|0)/Scsi(Pun0,Lun0)
  blk1 : Acpi(HWP0002,100)/Pci(1|0)/Scsi(Pun1,Lun0)
  blk2 : Acpi(HWP0002,100)/Pci(1|1)/Scsi(Pun2,Lun0)
  blk3 : Acpi(HWP0002,100)/Pci(1|1)/Scsi(Pun2,Lun0)/HD(Part1,SigEA5AA2AA-4522-11                                                                                        E1-8002-D6217B60E588)
  blk4 : Acpi(HWP0002,100)/Pci(1|1)/Scsi(Pun2,Lun0)/HD(Part2,SigEA5AA2E6-4522-11                                                                                        E1-8003-D6217B60E588)


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Re: Not able to find DVD mapping in EFI shell

Hi All ,


I am not sure what I did exactly , But Now its showing only the cdrom

i issued drvcfg -s  and enabled all primary master , sleve and secondary master and sleve ..and then I stopped the controller . after i issued map -r .. then I could find the cdrom .. but its not showing any disk ..

is this something related to raid controller ?


Re: Not able to find DVD mapping in EFI shell

Hi Binu,


Could you please confirm, what is the release  of the HPUX 11i v3.

Is it a ISO image or HP media


Please try to use the latest release of the HPUX11i v3 DVD media from HP.


I hope the new media will resolve your issue.


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