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Npar is not booting from primay path

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Npar is not booting from primay path

i have one integrity that1 npar and 2 vpar is there.The problem is that the Npar is having the boot path
HP-UX Primary Boot: 2/0/0/1/0.0.0
HP-UX Alternate boot 0/0/0/1/0.0.0

while i try to boot the this npar from Primary path it goes to HPUX prompt. From there i ve togive the command maunally..the output is
Selected boot option: HP-UX Primary Boot: 2/0/0/1/0.0.0

Loading.: HP-UX Primary Boot: 2/0/0/1/0.0.0

Executing Image: "\EFI\HPUX\HPUX.EFI"
Optional Data : "\EFI\HPUX\HPUX.EFI ciHP02PPA31/c(|)Ss(u0Ln)H(at,i32AB-B31D-02D276E8)\F\PXHU.F"

Starting: HP-UX Primary Boot: 2/0/0/1/0.0.0

(C) Copyright 1999-2006 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.
All rights reserved

HP-UX Boot Loader for IPF -- Revision 2.029

Unrecognized command.

please help me to resolve this issue. I need to boot this npar from primary path till it ech in Mon prmpt

please hlp me.. thanks in advance
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Re: Npar is not booting from primay path

IMHO the Optional Data is wrong.


HPUX> boot vmunix

from here.

Hope this helps!

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