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Occur ACPI warning after shutdown completed(rx2600)

Fantasy Lai
Occasional Contributor

Occur ACPI warning after shutdown completed(rx2600)

The case occur in rx2600 server and HP-UX OS v11.22.
When the system completed shutdown.
Then the console showed the warning message below.
The situation still repeat when I selected 'X' to disable it.
Do anybody know why?

System Alert
System Amt:uninitialized

10 Oct 2003 10:49:30

Alert Level 3:Warning
Keyword:Type-02 226f0a 2256650
ACPI state S5 (soft-off,entered by override)

Logged by:BMC; sensor:System ACPI Power State-ACPI State
Data 1:S5 entered by override
0x203F6C30C1020460 FFFF0A6FFA220300

A:ack read of this entry - X:Disable all future alert messages
Anything else skip redisplay the log entry
-> choice: