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Office-friendly rx2660

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Office-friendly rx2660

I have a server rx2660 and would like to convert it in something like workstation.  I bought a stand alone pedestal kit AD251A, but I know that the rack version and the OFS have more differencies. For example the OFS has 6 fans instead of 12. But an office-friendly fan AB419-67021 is so expensive that 6 fans would cost more than the server itself. Are there other tehnical differencies between the rack version and OFS? And the most important question: is there a kit for a convertation into OFS (to reduce the noise) like one for ZX6000?


I found only separate items:


AB419-67019 Office friendly display/fan board (do I need it?)

AB419-67020 Office friendly I/O fan board (do I need it?)

AB419-67021 Office friendly fan assemlby (6 pieces needed!!!)

AB419-67022 Office friendly top cover (not needed in my case?)


I do not think that I am the only owner of rx2660 who wanted to make his server office friendly. So maybe somebody have an good idea how to do it?


Thanks in advance


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Re: Office-friendly rx2660 - fan noise reduction

The link provided opens a document:


HP Integrity rx2660 Server Pedestal

Installation Guide
HP Part Number: AB419-9011A
Published: April 2007
Edition: 1

There is no mention of "fan" in the document. So I feel the question still remains on how a person can reduce the fan noise for an office environment

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Re: Office-friendly rx2660

No customer/field upgrade kit is available. OFS was available the only for the factory shipment. It may be better you look for some used OFS model.