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P400 Array configuration in rx2660

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P400 Array configuration in rx2660

Hello Team,


Please help me out to configure raid in rx2660 server with P400 raid controller.


Its Urgent . Please need your help.



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Re: P400 Array configuration in rx2660

Watch the console while booting. When the controller ask for pressing F8 to configure, press ESC 8 to start ORCA. Then configure the RAID, e.g. a pair of disks as RAID1.

Hope this helps!

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Re: P400 Array configuration in rx2660

Hi Sayansaha,


Using ORCA:
1. Power up the server.
POST runs, and all controllers in the server are initialized one at a time in the current boot order sequence. If a controller is connected to one or more hard drives, an ORCA prompt message appears during the initialization process for that controller.
2. At the ORCA prompt for the controller that you want to configure, press the F8 key. The ORCA main menu appears, enabling you to create, view, or delete a logical drive.
To create a logical drive using ORCA:
1. Select Create Logical Drive.
The screen displays a list of all available (unconfigured) physical drives and the valid RAID options for the system.
2. Use the Arrow keys, Spacebar, and Tab key to navigate around the screen and set up the logical drive, including an online spare drive if one is required.
NOTE: You cannot use ORCA to configure one spare drive to be shared among several arrays. Only ACU enables you to configure shared spare drives.
3. Press the Enter key to accept the settings.
4. Press the F8 key to confirm the settings and save the new configuration. After several seconds, the Configuration Saved screen appears.
5. Press the Enter key to continue.
You can now create another logical drive by repeating the previous steps.
NOTE: Newly created logical drives are invisible to the operating system. To make the new logical drives
available for data storage, format them using the instructions given in the operating system documentation.


more infromation on P400 SAS Card installtion, please refer this installation guide:




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Re: P400 Array configuration in rx2660



I too has a same issue but i want to configure raid 6 where as i am not getting that option of ADG, i am able to configure raid 5, it is already configured with 256md cache with battery. total 8 hdd r present. Pls help me out in confuring adg 

it is rx2660 with p400 controller.