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Performance sizing from rx8640 to DL980

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Performance sizing from rx8640 to DL980

Anyone have any idea how to translate performance of a rx8640 to a DL980? Have a rx8640 with 16 single core CPU, goin to retire it to an enivronment configured with x86 Xeon CPUs, I am thinking of a DL980,but don't know how many CPUs. Thx in advance.

Re: Performance sizing from rx8640 to DL980


Leave this task on HP presales dept. they will let you know which server is suitable to your requirement comparing RX8640.

You may baseline your server RX8640 performance using IOmeter software and later on compare with new server performance including CPU to see it meets the requirement.

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Re: Performance sizing from rx8640 to DL980

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Re: Performance sizing from rx8640 to DL980

Well, based on what is supported in a DL980 G7, I can simplify your decision at least a little. Either four or eight processors are supported in the DL980. What core count that would be would depend on the processors you selected. There are 8, 6 and four core processors supported in the DL980 G7.

With a four processor configuration, you can have up to 11 PCIe I/O slots. With an eight processor configuration you can have up to 16 PCIe I/O slots. All but one of those (in either case) are PCIe Gen2. One of the slots is Gen1.

How much overlap there might be in published benchmarks is an open question. I know there are SPECcpu2006 "rate" results published for both, but those for a single-core rx8640 will have used rather old compilers indeed. Database sofware versions used in single-core rx8640 benchmarks would likely be similarly old and so inflate the differences a bit (from a purely hardware perspective at least).

If you aren't completely set on going to x86, just from a core count basis, you could probably replace the rx8640 with a BL870c i2. That certainly as more CPU "oomph" than the rx8640 you have. It will have 6 mezzanine I/O slots (PCIe Gen2).

As already suggested, getting in touch with an official HP sales type is probably a good idea.
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