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Primary / Secondary boot under EFI Boot Manager

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Primary / Secondary boot under EFI Boot Manager

I have recently converted an Integrity rx4640 to Linux. It is in a software RAID-1 and the /boot/efi vfat partition has been mirrored as well. I have placed the secondary path in the EFI boot menu.

I am able to booth from both paths successfully, but have a few concerns:

1. If you remove the primary physical disk and allow the EFI Boot Manager to automatically boot, it does not bypass the first entry (which has no valid hardware path anymore) and move onto the second. Instead it boots into the EFI shell. Is there a way to automatically boot from the second entry if the hardware path for the first is non-existent?

2. If you allow the system to automatically boot into the EFI shell (after timeout), for some reason my second physical disk is not included in the map. If I interrupt the auto-boot process and manually load the EFI shell I am able to see my second physical disk in the map and boot from it.


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Re: Primary / Secondary boot under EFI Boot Manager

From EFI main menu select

Boot Option Maintenance Menu

Manage BootNext setting
-> select an entry

Enter selected Boot Option as 'BootNext' [Y-Yes N-No]: y

save your settings.

From the help:

BootNext Menu Help Screen

This menu helps in managing the 'BootNext' variable of options. Select a
boot option using the arrow keys. Press 'ENTER' or 'B' or 'b' to make
this option as 'BootNext'. To remove 'BootNext' setting , select 'Reset
BootNext Setting' menu option or 'R' or 'r'. Save the settings to NVRAM
(if needed) before exiting.

Hope this helps!

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Re: Primary / Secondary boot under EFI Boot Manager

Excellent. Thank you. :)