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Problem installing SLES9 on HP rx2600

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Problem installing SLES9 on HP rx2600

Dear Friends,
I am trying to install SLES9 on rx2600 but systems just hangs and can't proceed with the installation.

From EFI boot loader I change to the DVD drive (fs0:) , change to the efi boot loader in fs0:\efi\boot and load bootloader.efi.

I see the menu come up, select “Installation” and the system starts to load initrd, but from there it just seems to hang.

Looking further to your reponses.
Thanks in advance.
rick jones
Honored Contributor

Re: Problem installing SLES9 on HP rx2600

Likely as not, the system is actually booting, but using something else for the console. If you are on the serial console while trying to to do the install, you need to say "installation console=ttyS0" in the text box to tell the kernel/installer/whatever which console to use.
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