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Re: Problem to start ORCA from the managment port or console

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Problem to start ORCA from the managment port or console

I haave problem accessing ORCA during teh boot proces. It is about the rx2620 and rx4640.
During the boot there is message about to press F8 but it does not work. I have been connected with hyperterm on the MP port in console. And also I have tried to connect to console port by serial cable. It was the first boot of the server from teh factory and batteries were not fully charged. After bateries have been charged it still does not work. Does any have a clue about why I cant start the ORCA at the boot ? (dirves were connected on the 6404 cntroler, MSA30)

Many thanks

Loading 'SysROM:Floating-Point Software Assistance Handler'...
-- 'SysROM:Floating-Point Software Assistance Handler' returned Success
1 0 0x00020B 0x0000000000000006 EFI Launching Boot Manager
0 0 0x0015B2 0x0000000040601101 boot time event
[1;34mHP [37m Smart Array 6400-192 Controller [0;37;40m(version 2.62) 1 Logical Drive
1794-Drive Array - Array Accelerator Battery Charge Low
Array Accelerator Posted-Write Cache is temporarily disabled.
Array Accelerator will be reenabled when batteries reach full charge.
Press to run the Option ROM Configuration for Arrays Utility [17;03HPress to skip configuration and continue [18;01H [16;01H [14;01H [1;34mHP [37m Smart Array 6400-192 EM Controller [0;37;40m(version 2.62) 0 Logical Drives
1785-Drive Array Not Configured
No Drives Detected

Press "F1" to continue...



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Re: Problem to start ORCA from the managment port or console


try "ESC" followed by "8" or connect a keyboard and a monitor and press "F8".

Hope this helps!

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