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Problem with the EFI shell

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Problem with the EFI shell

Trying to recover the system by booting off the Ignite server. But my problem is that before I even get there, I am having issues with the EFI shell.

First, this is 2620 so dbprofile command is not found.

Secondly, even the boot command is not found. What's up with that??

Shell> boot lan.

'boot' not found

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Re: Problem with the EFI shell

Also 'search' not found. something is wrong here.

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Re: Problem with the EFI shell

Nothing is really wrong, its just that the rx systems do not perform network boots like the older HP 9000's did. Network booting is performed using PXE.

The EFI command is 'lanboot' (you can also specify booting from a LAN interface using the boot manager), however you cannot specify an IP address. The Ignite server must have the rx2620's MAC address entered into the /etc/bootptab file properly.

Check out the Ignite Admin Guide for how to get this done:

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Michael Steele_2
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Re: Problem with the EFI shell


a) what is the history of this box and it's HP-UX installation?

b) from your other thread you'll note '..ignite image from a partition server...'. An rx2620 is not partitioned. This appears to be the root cause.

Can you find another non-partitionerd server and clone it's image from your ignite server? Do you have another rx2620, which would be ideal?

Re-igniting might be the fastest solution at this point. I didn't see a clear work around in other threads.

Let me know.
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Albert Smith_1
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Re: Problem with the EFI shell

rx2620 can do the dbprofile however you need to update your EFI shell to get those commands.