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RAM upgrade on Rx7620 server

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RAM upgrade on Rx7620 server

Hi guys,

I have a Rx7620 server running HP-UX 11.23i.

Currently we have 16GB of RAM installed (16 x 1GB DIMMs. We are palnning to upgrade it by adding another 8GB (8 x 1GB DIMMs).

Can you please direct me where I can find the correct procedure to do that?

Thanks in advance
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Re: RAM upgrade on Rx7620 server

The best place to look at would be the User Service Guide.

The website has been re-organized, but at least for now, the old link in my bookmarks seems to still work: (BSC link updated by admin)

Note: the memory is located on the cell boards, and the cell boards do *not* seem to be listed as Customer Replaceable Units: (BSC link updated by admin)

If you have a hardware support contract for your systems, check your contract first.

Usually the hardware support contracts for these servers will require you to let the trained hardware support people to do things like this. In that case, simply open a hardware support call and let the support people do the work.

If you do something that should be done by the hardware support personnel only, you might violate the contract. That might be a problem later, when you really need hardware support.

If you don't have a support contract or are sure you are allowed to do it yourself, here is the list of memory configuration rules for a rx7620: (BSC link updated by admin)

My recommendation: if you have not been trained to properly remove & install cell boards, don't do it yourself. At the very least, find someone who has done it successfully before, and work with him/her.

Although the procedure is not difficult, it requires very careful attention to details. Any mistakes may be rather expensive to fix. Better safe than sorry.