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RHAS 3.0/4.0 installation issues with Rx2600


RHAS 3.0/4.0 installation issues with Rx2600


I am trying to reinstall one RHAS 3.0 (Eaxct version trying is Update level 6 and the initial installation was done by some one else. Also tried RHAS 4.0 U1 & U2 for isolation) on an RX 2600. The boot from CD using "linux" & "linux askmethod" from eilo prompt with a VGA console & USB keyboard gets struck at language selection menu. At that point, I am unable to use tab to select "OK" to give any input. I suspected the keyboard/boot console device. So I used to serial cable and selected UART PNP0501 and tried the same thing. (elilo linux "console=ttyS0" as boot option). The installation does not allow me to use tab/+ & to select english as my default lanuguage and proceed. (But at this stage caplock is responding, but not keyboard inputs taken by Linux)

I referred "installing Linux on Hp Itanium 2 servers" manual and using "HP enablement Kit for Linux" created two efi partitions once again. To isolate further, removed the hard disk (first SCSI hard disk - id 0) which have a windows 2003 installation.

With all these efforts, I am unable to select English as my default language and proceed the installation

Note: I did not have an HP USB keyboard, and trying using an IBM one.

The instalation using the same CD/VGA console/Keyboard/mouse worked seamlessly on a RX4640 system without any issues.

Please give me your suggstions for solving this problem.


Re: RHAS 3.0/4.0 installation issues with Rx2600


Any help is appreciated. The machine does not have HP support.

Could you please point me to the directions to look for to solve this problem?