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RX 2600 system error

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RX 2600 system error

After upgrading the RAM i get error that shows System led red and blinking. So any one help me. My server is online i can't shoutdown it.
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Re: RX 2600 system error

what is the model number/ type of server
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Re: RX 2600 system error


Check the following (page 6) with regard to memory loading rules.
You may have a config error, hence the red light, or you may have a faulty DIMM that you have just installed.

Check the MP logs for any clues.

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Re: RX 2600 system error

the reason could be a config error, but to dig deep into the issue... and to erlove it... some more details are required... like model no... machine info.. dmessg..machineinfo. moreover as this is a h/w issue... logs from the mp before installing the dimm and after installing the dimm are required..


sysinfo... OLD sysinfo... event logs ets.. to diag. the issue...

If the issue is already resolved well and good and if not the above logs are necessary to dig now and narrow the possibilities or resolve the issue
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Re: RX 2600 system error

hi datta,

what OS is currently running in the server. Hope its hpux. If it is, then just run the follwing:

# echo "Map SelAll Information ; wait InfoLog Done Exit OK" | cstm > /tmp/devicelist

And look for memory. It should show you throughly and details about each component. If the memory is bad, it should show straight away.

Unfortunately, i don't know is there any other way to do is in linux/windows or openvms. The only way is to shutdown the system and check from EFI shell. Run :

shell>> info mem

This will list all your memory and their status.

Did you check MP logs?

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Re: RX 2600 system error

Hi datta,

as you can see from the responves what are required.... if the issue is really urgent... post ur logs now as told... else if u need the commands of the mp logs... or the cstm logs... post it... so tat we can help u