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RX1620 not booting up

William Cummings
Occasional Visitor

RX1620 not booting up

got an rx1620 today and went to turn it on, and nothing happened. I get a yellow system light (all other leds flash green during power up but then go out)and I also do not get a post, all I get is a flashing curser and nothing eles. After a short time it reboots and just does the same thing as above.

I checked the three internal diagnostic lights and they come on like they should.

Thanks in advance.
Avinash Agarkar
Valued Contributor

Re: RX1620 not booting up


check the mp logs any error, remove all the external physical hardware like tape drive or any other.

Check if any extra PCI cards like additional scsi card, fc card or any other cards are connected to system remove and try to boot.

Check the firmware of core i/o and sytem.

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