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RX2600 Linux Installation

Darren Thoirs
Occasional Visitor

RX2600 Linux Installation

Can anyone advise what I need to do to get my rx2600 to recognise my Rad Hat Linux CDROM. I have used the Linux Enablement software provided from HP and when I try to perform the elilo linux command it does not recognise the mapping? I have mapped the block device to cdrom but when I type:-


It moves me to that device but I cannot see any of the files using 'ls'. It complains about 'no mapping'.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Darren Thoirs
Stefan Stechemesser
Honored Contributor

Re: RX2600 Linux Installation

Hi Darren,

I'm not sure which CD is not recognized. The Linux Enablement Kit or the Red Hat CD ?!?
The Red Hat CD does not have an EFI partition and it is normal that you cannot see it in EFI. To install Linux, insert the Enablement Kit CD and start elilo from it.
Then you get a menu with a point "Install Linux from distributor media". After choosing this point, you will be pointed to insert the RedHat CD and the installation will beginn.

Best regards

Kent Brodie
Occasional Contributor

Re: RX2600 Linux Installation

Here's how it worked for me:

* Boot from the HP Enablement CD-- pick option "Install Linux from media". All this does is set up the /boot/efi partition and elilo on the hard drive.

* Then, shut down and reboot, this time booting from your linux CD. During the install process, make sure to not wipe out the hard drive first 2 partitions- the first one you see will be mounted as /boot/efi.

Brad Gabrielse
Occasional Advisor

Re: RX2600 Linux Installation

I am having the same problems with an rx1600. I reboot with RedHat media and the system does not recognize a valid CD/DVD device. If I insert the enablement Kit CD in the drive the system sees a valid CD/DVD device.

Any advice would be appreciated.
Darren Thoirs
Occasional Visitor

Re: RX2600 Linux Installation


After various conversations with HP Support and Red Hat, it seems that the default media kit sent out by Red Hat is the x86 version and not the Itanium version. I complained bitterly to red hat and it seems that they have now changed the procurement web site to get you to request the required architecture. Still waiting for the Itanium media kit to be shipped from Cork...