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RX2600 UPS automatic power off/power on

Nelson Hiroshi
Occasional Visitor

RX2600 UPS automatic power off/power on

rx2600 has a soft touch button to power on.
Anybody knows a way to power on the box just turnning on the AC input.
I need this resource to use with UPS configuration to power on the system when AC come back to on after a AC power lost event.
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kris rombauts
Honored Contributor

Re: RX2600 UPS automatic power off/power on

Hi Nelson,

did you looked into these commands from the management processor (MP -card) ?
(see PR command)

regards, Kris

==== MP Help: Server Control =(Admin)====

PC : Power Control
PC command provides the following options for remote control of the system

"ON" - turns system power on (it has no affect if power is already on).

"OFF" - turns system power off.
This command is roughly equivalent to turning the system power off with the front panel power switch- there is no signal sent to the OS to bring the software down before power is turned off. For proper system shutdown, shutdown the OS before issuing this command.

"CYCLE" - turns system power off and on. The delay between off and on is 30 seconds.

"GRACEFUL SHUTDOWN - BMC send a signal to the OS to shutdown prior to turning off system power

SEE ALSO: PR, PS (Power Restore policy configuration, Power Status)

(HE for main help, enter command name, or Q to quit)

MP Help: Server Control =====(Admin)==

PR : Power Restore policy configuration

This command can be used to configure the power restore policy. The power restore policy determines how the system behaves when AC power returns after an AC power loss.

If PR is set to On, the system will be powered up after AC is applied.

If PR is set to Off, the system will stay powered off after AC is applied;
pushing system power switch or executing PC command is required to power
on the system.
If PR is set to Previous, the power is restored to the state that was in
effect when AC was removed or lost.

SEE ALSO: PC (Power Control)

Command line usage:
PR [ -on | -off | -previous ] [ -nc ]
Nelson Hiroshi
Occasional Visitor

Re: RX2600 UPS automatic power off/power on

Thats is the feature I´m looking for!

Thank you very muc
Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence