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RX2620 firmware update

mike mus
Occasional Visitor

RX2620 firmware update

I currently have an RX2620 with firmware at 2.21 for the EFI and 2.23 for the MP. I can't find the files to get it to 2.26 or 2.29 or anything below 3.13. i've searched i've even contacted people at hp and no one seems to be able to find these files. can anyone help. i've gone through the hp site selecting the server but the lowest available for the RX2620 is 3.13. thanks.
Stefan Stechemesser
Honored Contributor

Re: RX2620 firmware update


The initial firmware revision for the rx2620 was (check on MP with "sysrev"):
SFW: 3.10
BMC: 3.47
MP: 3.13

Current is:
SFW: 3.17
BMC: 3.48
MP: 3.15

Strange that your firmware revisions are lower than the initial. Are you sure you have a rx2620 and not a rx2600 ?
I would suggest to open a support call with HP and ask them for the old firmware, but I'm sure they want to know WHY you want to install an old firmware ?!?

On the official HP pages you will always find only the latest known good version of a firmware file.

best regards

rick jones
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Re: RX2620 firmware update

Start from Select "support and drivers" link. Enter rx2600 in the subsequent box. Click on rx2600 Integrity server link. Click on link "cross platform" link. When you scroll down there will be firmware galore.

If you are running HP-UX, once you get to 2.26 I believe you can start using HP-UX patches.
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Sandy Chen
Honored Contributor

Re: RX2620 firmware update

Hi Mike,

Are you sure your server is rx2620?

I think it is rx2600,

Your current firmware is release 17.1
System F/W: 2.21
MP Version: 2.23

Releases after your current firmware as below:

Release 18.1
System F/W: 2.31
MP Version: 2.26

Release 19.1
System F/W: 2.31
MP Version: 3.13

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Paul Heller
Occasional Advisor

Re: RX2620 firmware update

Hi. I am in a similar "boat".

I have an rx2600 that I cannot upgrade to 2.31MP as I started at 2.21, upgraded to 2.23, but cannot find the 2.26 update. I have looked at the suggested website as per above, but it only has 2.23 and a 2.31B firmware. Where can I get the magical 2.26 update? Attachment/website/ftp pointer would be appreciated (is it on ANY media delivery - I have the OpenVMS media set)
rick jones
Honored Contributor

Re: RX2620 firmware update

Paul -

I do recall that there used to be a much more comprehensive list at that webpage. I guess someone decided to "clean-up" a little :( I would suggest using the "Feedback to webmaster" link on the page to point-out that not everyone in the world may be ready to jump straight to the version shown on that page.

Meanwhile, you could try poking about at
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