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RX2620 firmware

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Evan Hager
Occasional Contributor

RX2620 firmware

I'm trying to update the MP firmware on an RX2620. The current FW is E.02.10 and after doing some reading I see that I need to move to E.02.26 then E.02.29 on my way to E.03.15. The problem is that I'm unable to find E.02.26 for the RX2620. The oldest available FW that I can find to download is E.02.29 found here:

Even still, when I check the release notes for this download it doesn't specify RX2620 in the list of systems. I tried making an ISO and updating but I get a message that says it is not meant for this platform.

Can anyone point me in the direction of MP firmware levels E.02.26 and E.02.29 for the RX2620?

Honored Contributor
Evan Hager
Occasional Contributor

Re: RX2620 firmware

Thanks to both of you! I was able to update the FW using FTP and the links you posted.