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RX3600 cannot see my MSA2312fc disks point to point

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RX3600 cannot see my MSA2312fc disks point to point

Hi, I'm not sure whether this is an Integrity issue, a storage issue, or a VMS issue - so I'll start here!
I have a pair of Rx3600's running VMS8.3. Both are dual connected to two MSA2312fc arrays directly via a fibre connection. However, despite setting the MSA (I presume correctly) and presenting the disks to the Rx3600 hosts, I cannot see the disks from VMS. When I tested using a fibre switch in between the server and msa, I could see the disks. I have set the connection up on the MSA as 'point to point', but still no joy. I have connection lights on the fibre cards, so there is a physical connection. Can anyone offer any avenues to investigate? Thanks.
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Re: RX3600 cannot see my MSA2312fc disks point to point

Hi Phil,

Try using SPOCK, but it looks like direct connect is not supported?

Start with "View by OS" and Select your version, them select the array family MSA2300fc, etc...

MSA2300fc HP OpenVMS IA64 8.3

"Notes: Server note
Direct connect to the Array is not supported.
OVMS does not support Mad9m based rx7640, rx8640 and Superdome/sx2000 servers.
Switch note
Brocade 3200, 3600, & 3800 2Gb switches are not supported directly connected via ISL to any of these 8Gb switches. "