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RX4640 boot issues with Windows CRITICAL

John Ziomek
Occasional Contributor

RX4640 boot issues with Windows CRITICAL

I have an RX4640 w/4 1.5's and 32gb of mem at a customer. The box is at the latest and greatest firmware for all cards. I am trying to boot off the internal drives connected to a SA6402 with both drives setup as a mirror set. Either using a win/64 restore disk standalone, or with the system management cd v3, I am able to load/restore the o/s successfully. After the load and initial reboot, the system displays the splash screen, waits about 15seconds and reboots the system. I have installed a rx2600 with this media, so I know the media is good, but could it be specifically for the 2600 and not usable on the 4640? Also, I was able to duplicate this issue on a second machine booting from the 6402. the Smart array firmware is 1.92, system is 2.13... Any suggestions?
kris rombauts
Honored Contributor

Re: RX4640 boot issues with Windows CRITICAL

Hello John,

it would be good to check the SEL (hardware log) via the MP card or if the system stays up a bit longer to check the Windows System EventLog and see if their are any MCA's taking place (Machine Check Aborts).

Pls collect the full SEL via the MP and contact your local HP support or attach them here.

How to get the SEL ?

- log on to the MP card via serial or LAN
connection with user/pwd Admin/Admin

- SL (show Log)
- D (dump entire log)

- log the above into a file from your terminal emulator.

The SmartSetup CD V3.0 covers several INtegrity servers of whoch the RX2600 and RX4604 are part, so is ok to use.

What OS/reinstall media do you use ? One you bought via HP (OS reinstall media tailored for HP Integrity servers and includes hotfixes and management agents for the Itanium servers) or not ?

John Ziomek
Occasional Contributor

Re: RX4640 boot issues with Windows CRITICAL

Hi Kris,

Thanks for the info, I will get that first thing in the morning Monday.

The media that I used is the HP 'official' restore DVD that we obtained with an rx2600 that we purchased as well. The media does load successfully on that box, but we are just using the scsi controller on that box, not an RX2600