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RX4640 change prodname

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RX4640 change prodname

I accidentally changed a prodname.

fs2:\EFI\diag\ODE> sysset
System Information:
Manufacturer: hp
Product Name: RAC3 RX4640
Product Number: A6961A
Secondary Product Number is Identical
Serial number: USE4422AFH
Secondary Serial Number is Identical
UUID: 5DA83F76-CB8C-11D8-A181-ADFD8633F367 (Valid)
Secondary UUID is Identical
Product ID: 0x301


Is possible to re change the prodname ?

sysset prodname "server rx4640"
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Re: RX4640 change prodname

Hi Rodrigo,

There is no way you can change the product name by yourself. I am not sure how you could change it accidentaly. You need to call HP support center for help and HP CE can change it with HP special procedure. Its procedure won't be opened for the customer.


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Re: RX4640 change prodname

I changed cause before the prod name was "magic"

HP replaced the I/O board and that cause this problem.
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Re: RX4640 change prodname

you need password for that change.
Call HP Service engineer :)
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Re: RX4640 change prodname

The password won't be supplied to the customer and the only onsite CE is allowed to use its password. So you still need to request an HP CE onsite for correcting the product name. But I assume keeping the current product name does not cause any problem as far as you can accept it.