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RX4640 smartarray 6402 internaldisk support


RX4640 smartarray 6402 internaldisk support


Iam trying to install RX4640 server with smartarray6402 card as core I/O.And iam trying to install Windows2003 server OS,But it's throwing error No Harddrives detected even though i configured in Smararray utility pressing F8,But it's not detecting in EFI shell.Kindly let me know whether any firmware to update EFI,MP&Arraycard etc...
Kindly let me know if any document for internal cabling guide for smartarray card and also let me know whether we hav go for separate cable or which it will support normal server internal cable.

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Re: RX4640 smartarray 6402 internaldisk support

Did you install the boot driver for SA ? If you didn't, then the drives won't be detected.

Refer the following link for documentation related to cabling, setup and configuration.〈=en&cc=us&docIndexId=179911&taskId=135&prodTypeId=15351&prodSeriesId=88837

Required firmware details at
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Re: RX4640 smartarray 6402 internaldisk support

Hi Dharmu,

before you launch the Windows installer program on the CD from within the EFI shell (ie. : "fs0:\setupldr.efi" , do a "search all" command to load all ROM based EFI drivers from your installed I/O cards.

You should then also see a banner from the SmartArray controller showing you i.e.

HP Smart Array 5302-128 Controller (version 3.56) 1 Logical Drive

Press to run the Option ROM Configuration for Arrays Utility
Press to skip configuration and continue

Then launching the installer should work fine.