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RX4640 system clock differs too much

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RX4640 system clock differs too much

Hi all,
we have 2xRX4640 (MS Windows IA64, SP2) - two nodes in Oracle cluster.
Recently the database started working slowly and even hanging. We analyzed the situation and trapped the problem - for only one week system clocks on both the servers differs with 24's too much.
What we already did:
1. Set a synchronization using NTP server
2. Planned FW upgrade for System, BMC and MP.
But: first one depends on system account and NTP server availability only; second one depends on the FW improvements and BMC frequensy isn't mentioned in the official list of fixes, so there probably won't be any improvement.
In fact both the system clocks are working in different directions - one slows, other one gains. I'm attaching part of the logs where both clocks are compared to NTP server time.
I've already checked ITRC&BS forums but the only available solution here is using NTP server. I know HP don't have any criteria for system clock's deviation.

Now the question: is there any known workaround or solution of the problem so this kind of difference to be reduced to minimum?


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Re: RX4640 system clock differs too much

From the firmware release notes:

"System FW 02.13

Corrected an issue that allowed the system clock to lose up to 15 minutes per months when compared to GMT."

TITLE: rx4640 System, BMC, and iLO MP Firmware with U160 SCSI EFI Boot Services Driver

VERSION: System FW 04.29, BMC FW 04.06, iLO MP FW E.03.32 and U160 SCSI EFI Boot Services Driver

Hope this helps!

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Re: RX4640 system clock differs too much

Thanks man,

but the versions on both servers are:
MP FW: E.03.30
BMC FW: 04.05
EFI FW: 05.48
System FW: 04.21
...that's why I'm pessimistic on fw upgrades.
Not long ago I had problems with the RTC battery of the BMC on another 4640 (it was losing NVRAM settings), so I wonder could the low voltage tend this kind of behaviour

sincerely yours