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RX5670 cannot bootup while power on

Honored Contributor

RX5670 cannot bootup while power on

There are two power supply on this RX5670 .The power light is on ,but cant bootup when pushing the power button .Using "PC on" doesnt work .After MP self-testing ,the console shows the following content about log :

Alert level 5: Critical
Keywork : Type-02 020104 131332
Voltage sensor crossed lower non-recoverable threshold
Logged by : BMC ; Sensor: Voltage
Data 1: lower Non-recoverable -going low
Data 2: TRG Reading : 0x13 TRG Threshold ;0x6E
0x200000000A020E60 6E135401C2020300

I cant find out the critical reason and need help .Pls show me how to judge the problem by the log. And where can I find the service manual about RX series computers' troubleshooting .CE Kevin
Thanks a lot & best regards !
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Re: RX5670 cannot bootup while power on

Well,buddies .I've found the solution .After I replaced the base board of rx5670 ,the problem was resolved.
When bootup the system first time after replacing base board ,we must update the new information for hardware like L class .
MP>sysmode service (to change the mode to service ,then u can change model string etc.)
MP>syset mfg(to change this option to HP)
MP>syset prodname(to change this option to rx5670)
MP>sysset prodnum A6837A(changed prodct number)
MP>sysset serial ussr49370dk(changed the serial number,found it on tab/label)
MP>sysset uuid(found on the front panel of machine)
Mp>sysset (to check the whole information is ok)