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RX6600 EFI Boot Configuration

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RX6600 EFI Boot Configuration

I need to replace a system I/O board on a RX6600 to resolve a cooling issue. Is there any way to transfer the EFI Configuration (especially the Boot config) to the new board? I was hoping to use the Console port but there doesn't appear to be any documentations that allows this. I'm running a Win2003 Enterprise OS and the replacement board has the defaul HP-UX boot config setup. I've tried to do it using the EFI Boot Manager but I'm not having any luck. 

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Re: RX6600 EFI Boot Configuration

For a windows setup ypu need to save the boot config, otherwise it will be hard to restore.


Use the nvrambkp utility available from the product page to save the config to disk or USB.

Hope this helps!

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