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RX7640 Basics needed

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RX7640 Basics needed

Hi ,


I have some simple basich questions for setting up a RX7640.


I got a used machine and need some help on the basics. I never worked with cells. Lst week I set up a rx6600 and it was quiet easy.

On the RX7640 I have some problems.

1. I want a simple installation

the first problem is info cell told me that cell 0 is active, cell 1 is ot listet

I tried cellconfig but I got the following error

cellconfig: Command cannot be executed. Invalid security mode

Q: how I have to set the sec mode


As I started the mp -> co told me that there two Disks. Ilearned that they are connectetd to Cell 0. The other Disk where not shown.  I inserted a DVD rom but it was not listed like the both bottom Disks.

I tried some commands but turns not better, a now I could not see any Disk :-(


so how is the way to enable the HW and boot from DVD


Regards Matthias







Re: RX7640 Basics needed


1.Cellconfig gives errors and cell 1 not listed.

a.Does Cell 1 gets detected in MP:CM > PS command (chose Cell 1)?
b.Are you able to see the details of Cell 1 with MP:CM>DE and MP:CM > df command?

If Cell 1 is not detected in PS itself, then probably there is an issue with Cell seating / Cell BD itself.
Power OFF cabinet and try to physically reseat Cell 1(ensure it gets locked properly when inserted).

2.Not able to see disks and DVD.

In rx7640, both bottom 2x disks and bottom DVD is connected to Cell 0.
Top 2x dsiks and top DVD is connected to Cell 1.

So, I assume you have a DVD (in bottom slot) connected to slot 0 and want to perform OS installation.
You may try to reseat the DVD and also the Core IO (top MP card) once and check again.

Refer User guide :

If issue persists, then please log a support case so that HPE can verify and T/S further.

I am a HPE Employee