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RX7640 CPU4?

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RX7640 CPU4?

Hello all,  I have an Alert level 3 message indicating CC chip fan failing.


Physical Location: Processor fan Cabinet 0 cell 0 CPU 4


The diagram on the srever shows CPU 0 to 3 locations


My question is, should I be looking at this like a Raid?

where as 0 is 1 and 3 would be CPU4.


Thank you for any help.


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Re: RX7640 CPU4?

Your picture is showing CPU 0 and 2 installed, so it could be the fan in the middle (cell controller).


Could you post the exact error message together with a "ps" output from MP (cell0 and cabinet)?


Hope this helps!

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Re: RX7640 CPU4?

If the event you've seen in the MP FPL shows  CC_FAN_FAIL, then Torsten. is right.
The issue is about the Cell Controller FAN (the one in the middle).
Just launch DE command on MP:CM> and look at the real current status of the CC Fan (you need to select PDHC and then the cell).



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