RX8620 Lan Boot

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RX8620 Lan Boot

Gentleman, some help if you please.

We have an RX8620 with two cells. We have one set up with 11.23 and the other cell has no O/S on it as someone switched out our DVD drive with a CD drive on that cell. We'd like to Ignite the second cell using our Ignite server which is on the same subnet as the Integrity server.

I've looked through a few threads on here regarding the lan boot, and most of them mention a dbprofile that must be used. I'm able to do a "lanboot select," and it begins searching for a DHCP server which it never finds. I don't have access to any sort of "dbprofile" command and the "lanboot select" does not take any options to specify a dbprofile.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to get this thing looking for our ignite server?

Some firmware numbers:
core i/o:
master a.006.012
event dict 1.009
same for slave

both cells:
PDHC: A.003.023
Pri SFW: 21.003(PA)
Sec SFW: 1.025(IA)

Thank you!

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Re: RX8620 Lan Boot

Create a dbprofile and use this with lanboot:


Hope this helps!

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Re: RX8620 Lan Boot

Thank you for your help. It's due to the firmware on the system being so old that direct boot profiles aren't available. I'm having a CE come out tomorrow to do a FW upgrade all the cells.