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RX8640 ilo

Ian A
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RX8640 ilo

Does the RX8640 come with ilo via the MP port.I can connect to the the MP port via a web browser and get the terminal emulation screen but can see nothing for remote desktop and other standard ilo functions.
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Re: RX8640 ilo

As per the technical specifications of rx8640, the server has MP and not iLO MP.

Refer the specifications at

So far, iLO MP is only seems to be included in HP entry levels servers.
Joshua Scott
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Re: RX8640 ilo


iLO MP functionality includes:

-Control of power, reset, and Transfer of Control (TOC) capabilities.

-Console access.

-Displays and records system events.

-Displays detailed information about the various internal subsystems.

-Provides a virtual front panel to monitor system status and see the state of front panel LEDs

the rx8640 server supplies all of these features in its MP by default, while the entry level Itanium servers require an additional purchase. ILO is just a name for these features, so one could say that the rx8640 DOES have ILO features.

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