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Replacing HP Servers ..

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Replacing HP Servers ..

Hi All

We have 3 hp servers which are now 5 years old and we are looking at replacing them as the maintenance costs are mounting.

Currently we have 2 rx4640's with 4 x 1.3Ghz CPU and 1 rx2600 with 2 x 1.3GHz CPU's

Whats the nearest equivalent server, I presume the rx2620 is the one for the smaller box, would an rx3600 with 4 cores be equivalent or is that under spec'ed.

And can someone point me to a quick sys admin rundown on the difference between HPUX 11i v2 and v3 - I havent kept up to date on the changes at all


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Re: Replacing HP Servers ..

The rx2620 is no longer sold, so you should focus on rx2660 and rx3600.

Many usefull documents about 11.31 is on -> 11iv3

Hope this helps!

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Re: Replacing HP Servers ..

Hi Stephanie,

for technical details on the boxes have a look here:

Changes between 11i v2 and v3 are a lot, check out - you will find a lot of new features.
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Re: Replacing HP Servers ..

Do the Linux Switch perhaps?

An HP Proliant DL380 G6 running Enterprise Linux 5.X with 2x 4-core Nehalem 5570s and DDR3 with PCIe HBAs will certainly go around circles your compartabily socketed rx Itanium Server

And if its mainly DB serving or canned App - the switch should not be that difficult IMHO.

Just my few cents.
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