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Replacing windows to HPUX

Rashid Hamid
Regular Advisor

Replacing windows to HPUX

I have rx7620 running 2 partitions.
partition 0 = hpux 11.23
partition 1 = windows 2003

My task now to remove windows partition and install hpux in partition 1.

When i try to install hpux, boot from cd, after type command install in efi shell, the partition panic and reboot. I already change the acpiconfig to default. What is the correct way to do the task?
I'm Parit Madirono/Parit Betak Boyz
Honored Contributor

Re: Replacing windows to HPUX

The HPUX kernel panic would occur if the npar was not put in "shutdown for reconfig state" and hence ACPI setting for HPUX (default) was not be in effect while installing OS as in your case.

Since you want to delete the Windows partition 1, you can do it with one of the 2 ways.
1. Remove the windows npar (remote partition) from within HPUX npar using "parremove -F -p#" command.

2. Remove the npar as "local partition" with the Windows OS environement in your case using "parremove -F -p#" command.

Refer this link for correct & additional steps.

For your info, there 2 more ways to do npar management like IPMI over lan and WBEM.

Once the npar is deleted, you can create new npar using "parcreate" command from within exisiting HP UX npar as mentioned at

Once the npar is created, ensure to set the ACPI configuration for HP-UX. At the EFI Shell interface of the new npar, enter the acpiconfig default command, and then enter the "reset" command for the nPartition to reboot with the proper (default) configuration for HP-UX.

Then you should be good to go for HPUX OS installation.

Refer the admin guide for npar as well at
Rashid Hamid
Regular Advisor

Re: Replacing windows to HPUX

Hi Sameer

Thanks for your response. Basically what I did was remove the raid configuration (RAID0+1)in raid controller previously run for windows by pressing F8. Then I create back a new raid 0+1. After that, I'm able to install hpux 11.23
Lucky the raid controller card version 6xxx can run in HPUX.

I'm Parit Madirono/Parit Betak Boyz