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Rx 4640 windows installation

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Rx 4640 windows installation

hi guys,

I have an integrity server rx 4640 which i will like to install windows 2003 on to it.I booted the server and went to the EFI shell. I saw all the devices. I saw blk2 for the DVDrom.
I type the following path for the Dvdrom fs0:,fs1:and fs2: but to no avail.It says invaild mapping. Then from the EFI shell, i mount the device manually.By typing
mount blk2 fs0 then i changed into the fs0: dirtectory. I type "ls" to display the content i don't see any thing.I don't see dispart.efi and setupldr.efi.But the machine was previously used for hp_Ux wht is the way forward.


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Re: Rx 4640 windows installation

Did you try
Shell> reconnect -r
Shell> map -r

If not, run these commands, then check if you can see the DVD contents.

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Re: Rx 4640 windows installation

You can use the command efi_ls to list the EFI file system folder. See "man efi_ls" for detail.
kris rombauts
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Re: Rx 4640 windows installation

Hi Sakui,

normally if you have the correct w2k3 installation media for Itanium systems (not for x64 systems) your cd/dvd should be recognized as a filesystem fsx: after a boot (or as suggested reconnect -r/map -r at the EFI shell but this should not be needed if the media is loaded before the boot).

The EFI shell can only recognize the FAT or FAT32 type of partitions on a cd/dvd (or hard drives or USB memory stick), so if your installation cd/dvd media doesn't have a dual partition layout on it (one being FAT/FAT32 and the other being CDFS) then you will indeed not find any fsx: from the EFI shell.

With the above info and the problem you describe i'd look into the cd/dvd media and make sure it is the right one.

You can download the HP Smart Setup cd image and burn this to a cd and see if that works fine. This is a dual partition cd which can be used at EFI (using the FAT partition on it) and also online once Windows is installed (using the CDFS partition on that same CD). If that works then you know your Windows cd has an issue or isn't the correct cd for Itanium 64 bit systems.

Pls download here: